We’ve Saved a Seat for You

We thank God for every visitor who comes through our doors. Whether you’re visiting Greenwood, looking for a church home, or just curious about Jesus and our message, we hope you’ll join us for worship at 10:30 on Sunday. Here’s a quick guide on what to expect.


Use the map above to find us or activate your phone’s navigation. You can see our building when driving on 31 near the Greenwood Park Mall, with the red letters “Calvary” on the side. There is plenty of parking in the big lot on the South side of the church building.

Main Sanctuary Building. Enter on the left or right of this building.

Main Sanctuary Building. Enter on the left or right of this building.

From the parking lot, the main entrances are on the left and right sides of the building (pictured above). Both go to the same main lobby. Once you’re inside, we’ll have people there to answer your questions, help you find a Sunday School class (at 9:00), and direct you down the hall to the children’s area.

In the 10:30 worship service, you can expect all the songs, prayers, scriptures, preaching, and everything else we do to be about Jesus. Our people sing out loudly, because we really believe what we sing about him. Our preachers try their best to show how the message of the Bible affects your life. Our hope is that you’ll walk away seeing a little of just how great Jesus is and ready to live your life in worship of him.

Like a lot of churches, people dress all sorts of ways at our worship services. The most common is probably a business casual look, but it goes from ties to t-shirts. Our pastor and leaders are usually out in the lobby before and after worship. Stop by and say hi!

See you then,
Your friends at Calvary